Organic Frankincense Floral Water
Organic Frankincense Floral Water

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Organic Frankincense Floral Water

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45,00 lei

Benefits of Frankincense Hydrosol
Frankincense hydrosol is amazing that is widely used and recognized for its healing and rejuvenating properties.
This natural hydrosol is also known to have anti-inflammatory, soothing, and calming properties that make it an amazing ingredient in reducing skin allergies and rashes and that too naturally.
Everyone wants to have younger-looking skin and for this, they use various chemical-based substitutes. But, if you want to have something natural for this, then you can use this amazing hydrosol on the skin as it works the best for reducing fine lines and wrinkles.
The immense fragrance of this hydrosol makes it an ideal ingredient to be used in the aromatherapy sessions. Irritated with your oily skin? If yes, then you can spray a few drops of Frankincense hydrosol to have firm skin before going to bed.
The FRANKINCENSE Organic Floral Water is an essential skin care product, moisturizes and refreshes at any time of the day.
Tones the skin after cleansing, absorbs quickly and leaves a pleasant feeling on the skin, can be applied on makeup without being affected.

Quantity: 100 ml

Certified Quality

TAMAIE Organic Floral Water is of superior quality, having USFDA ORGANIC, WHO-GMP, ISO 9001:2015 certifications.

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5 in stock

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Hydrosols refer to floral or herbal waters, they are a natural boon available in water-like consistency for health that is free from artificial additives
They are useful natural by-products produced during the steam distillation process of the plant parts (i.e., leaves, stems, roots, flowers, peels, or berries) for extracting essential oil. When the vapor cools, it becomes hydrosol, so they can also be called the essential waters as they are the watery distillate left after extraction of essential oils from the plants.
The findings of the studies show that the topical application of hydrosols safeguards fibroblast cells of the skin from hydrogen peroxide-induced damage. Moreover, hydrosols contain essential oil compounds, organic acids, and water-soluble plant compounds and they provide medicinal benefits based on metal concentrations.
They work as a perfect skin toner, they refresh the air in the surroundings as well as relieve the stress.
Superior QualityOrganic Frankincense Floral Water, obtained through the hydro distillation process, doesn’t contain artificial additives, synthetic flavors or any chemical substances in the standard fabrication process.
Name (INCI): Frankincense Floral Water (Boswellia Carteri Floral Water).
Method of Extraction: Steam Distillation (souce resin)
Application: Directly on the face, hair or body skin. It can be used in the bath water and for the aromatherapy diffuser.

Precautionary Measures!
Organic Ylang Ylang Floral Water may cause undesired reaction when applied on the sensitive skin. Therefore, proper care should be taken during its application, advised to be applied first on a small part of the elbow to identify any allergies. In case of any allergic reaction stop applying the product on the skin. Do not use it before sun exposure; Keep away from children; Avoid eye contact; Nursing mother and pregnant ladies should consult doctor before using this floral water.

Advised to be kept under 25℃, in dark and chilled places, away from the heat and light. To be refrigerated after opening. To be shaken before use.
This product it is not a medicine. If you suspect or you have a health problem urgently contact your doctor.



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    Am comandat aceatsa apa organica si sunt foarte multumita de calitatea ei.
    Recomand cu drag !

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