1. The role of Organic Floral Waters

Floral Waters, Hydrosols or Hydrolates are useful natural by-products produced by steam distillation of plant parts (respectively leaves, stems, roots, flowers, peels or berries) to extract the essential oil. When the steam cools, it becomes hydrosol, and can also be called essential waters, because they are the aqueous distillate left after extracting essential oils from plants.
The results of the studies show that the local application of hydrosols protects the fibroblast cells of the skin from the damage caused by hydrogen peroxide.

2.Ingredient Use

Hydrosols or Floral Waters contain essential oily compounds, organic acids and water-soluble plant compounds and offer medicinal benefits based on metal concentrations.
Hydrosols are a natural health benefit, pure and organic floral water available in a water-like form and does not contain artificial additives.
Organic Floral Waters are of superior quality, obtained by steam distillation, do not contain synthetic flavors or chemicals in the standard manufacturing process.
Certified Quality
Organic Floral Waters are superior quality, with USFDA ORGANIC certificates, WHO-GMP, ISO 9001: 2015.
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3. Frequently Asked Questions
• How to use Organic Floral Waters?
Organic Floral Waters can be applied directly on the face, body or hair, can be added to bath water and works as a perfect toning lotion for the skin.

• Can Organic Floral Waters be ingested?
Don't eat! Recharge Center does not recommend internal consumption, ingestion of Organic Floral Waters.

• Can Organic Floral Waters Be Used in Vaporizer-Diffuser?
Yes Organic Floral Waters, can be used for Aromatherapy diffuser, refresh the air in the environment and reduce stress.

• Are there age restrictions on the use of Organic Floral Waters?
Organic Floral Waters can be used safely starting with adolescence, from 12-14 years, being very beneficial for puberty and the appearance of pimples on the skin.