Increasing The Energy Vibration Of The Human Body

The Recharge Center blends of organic essential oils aim to provide a harmonious balance between body, mind and soul, increasing vitality and immunity, energetic vibration and harmony of the human body.
To highlight the increase in energy vibration after using organic essential oils, Recharge Center turned to specialists from the Center for Vibrational , where the Bio-Well device was used - Kirlian photography, a device that measures the body's energy field which determines the size and positioning (alignment) of the main chakras, the "vortices" known to Indian civilization for thousands of years.
Mr. Cristian Cioranu, Apparatus Specialist Therapist made a diagnosis before using the essential oils and another diagnosis after applying the essential oils on a small part of the body.
It can be seen from the analysis report, an energetic balance of the body from 93% to 95% and a better alignment of the chakras after the use of essential oils.
We conclude: following this experiment, the Magic Synergies of Organic Essential Oils from the Recharge Center make an important contribution to increasing the energy vibration and aligning the chakras.