Black Agate Energy Bracelet

Black agate has powerful magical properties known even in ancient Egypt. It is a grounding and protection crystal, being associated with the Root Chakra, it is a stone of longevity, healing and fidelity in marriage. It attracts abundance in all areas of life, amplifies strength and perseverance, brings courage and success in competitions.

This crystal helps you face the difficult circumstances of life and removes blockages, heals emotional traumas, offering a sense of security and stimulating self-esteem! Black Agate helps relieve bone and joint pain, neck and shoulder pain and mobility problems, improves the nervous system, relieves insomnia, stress and depressive conditions.

In addition, Black Agate provides a positive mood of the spirit, harmonizes the state of the body's endocrine and immune system, keeps the body in balance, especially in old age. The Black Agate worn is like a sponge that absorbs all the negative external energy that is directed towards the owner of the stone, offering protection from evil spells, vampirism (energy).

The organic essential oils mixed in the blend Magical Synergy 11.11 are:

  • Frankincense, extracted through the steam distillation of the oily resin of trees and believed to be a holy essential oil by the ancient Egyptians, with a woody aroma and antioxidant properties, acting as a soothing agent, recommended for busy periods, depression and anxiety, and an excellent remedy for stimulating positive thoughts and reconnecting us with the divine;
  • Jasmine, extracted through steam distillation of the flowers with a sweet herbal aroma and the therapeutic properties of an antiviral, soothing agent and aphrodisiac as well as a blood circulation booster,
  • Myrrh, extracted through steam distillation of the resin, with its relaxing sweet aroma and woody notes and the therapeutic properties of an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory agent that stimulates skin regeneration and induces relaxation, eliminating nervousness.

The vegetable oil used to dilute the synergy is Wheat Germ oil, extracted through steam distillation of the wheat germs and containing vitamin E, a moisturizer and a powerful antioxidant that strengthens the immune system, increasing the body's resistance to diseases and restoring the hormonal balance due to the amount of vitamin E.

Essential Oils Ingredients Name (INCI): Frankincense (Boswelia Serrata), Myrrh (Commiphora Myrrha), Jasmine (Jasminum Grandiflorum).

Vegetable Oil Ingredient Name: Wheat Germ Vegetable Oil (Triticum Vulgare).

Application: Directly on the skin, on the wrists, on the soles of the feet, where it is very quickly absorbed, due to the large pores found in this area, or locally where needed. It is recommended to use 4-5 drops in the bath water to create a state of intense relaxation for the soul.

Dilution 3%.

Properties & Indications:

  • Recommended for eliminating worries and pains of the soul, promotes the well-being of the spiritual consciousness and brings you closer to divinity.
  • It has the therapeutic property of being an afodisiac, stimulates blood circulation.
  • Thanks to the Wheat Germ vegetable oil and the amount of vitamin E, it restores hormonal balance. Excellent for meditation sessions and relaxing massages, induces a good mood and calms the spirit.
  • Fights weakness and fatigue and improves mood.
  • Fights stress and provides emotional balance.
  • The natural formula that helps better health, calming and anti-inflammatory action.
  • It has an energizing effect and is a natural adjuvant to increase protection against adverse and harmful environmental factors.
  • The formula rich in plant extracts, promotes long-lasting hydration, emollient and relaxing effect.
  • Recommended as a natural adjuvant against mosquitos and stinging insects, with a pleasant smell and organic ingredients.

Precautions: Do not use in children under 7; Do not use in pregnant or lactating women; Do not use before exposure to the sun; Avoid eye contact; Leave out of the reach of children; Do not use internally;Do not use in people allergic to wheat. Do not use by people with Celiac disease; To identify possible allergies, please apply for the first time on the skin of the elbow area; if irritation occurs, please stop applying it on the skin.


Store below 25 ℃ in dark and cool places, away from moisture and light. Shake before use.
This product is not a medicine. If you have or suspect that you have health issues, please contact your doctor immediately.


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11.11Essential Oils, 30ml


Sinergie Magica 11.11 is a blend of 3 organic essential oils of superior quality, this blend of essential oils is designed to support you in your spiritual journey, to connect with divinity.

They say you can make a wish make a wish when you visualize 11.11! Put positive energy, serene thoughts, lots of love and a drop of essential oil in your wish!

 This number is a direct message from the Angels that you are on the right path, it has magical, special value, it is a portal to our soul and desires. Visualizing this magic number connects you with the divinity and energies of the Universe!

"Focus more on your desire than on your doubt, and the dream will take care of itself." - (Mark Twain)

Name of ingredients Essential Oils (INCI): Frankincense (Boswelia Serrata), Myrrh (Commiphora Myrrha), Jasmine (Jasminum Grandiflorum), Wheat Germ Vegetable Oil (Triticum Vulgare).

Quantity: 30 ml

Certified Quality
Magical Synergy 11.11 contains high-quality organic essential oils, ORGANIC USFDA, WHO-GMP and ISO 9001:2015 certified..

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